The Best Top Online Marketers That You Need To Know

The Best Top Online Marketers That You Need To Know

Of these, according to Hootsuite’s Weoot Social Report, the most active social media platforms in many country are YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and LINE. Below is a good field in top online marketers products and services. Want to know what are the benefits? Let’s read explanation below.


The survey found that Southeast Asian countries such as Thailand and Indonesia have active Youtube users. Most of them watch tutorial content. Google also says users spend more than 10 hours a week surfing the Youtube platform.

With the current high audience on YouTube, the opportunity to introduce products and services is getting better. Several e-commerce companies have created Youtube channels to publish TV commercials and feature stories about leading e-commerce sellers. You Tube is top online marketers.


With more than 130 million active users in 2018, Facebook penetration in Indonesia is growing rapidly, up 23 percent from the previous year. Brands in the FMCG and e-commerce industries take the lion’s share of Facebook’s engagement.

Of the platforms top online marketers on this list, Facebook ranks number one most often used by Indonesians every day. The platform also serves as a social marketplace and launchpad for shoppers in the country, 40 percent of who use Facebook to seek product information and recommendations.


The We are social Hootsuite report shows that WhatsApp outperforms Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps in terms of monthly active users in many country.After the instant messaging service released the official WhatsApp Business app in January last year, users were able to see more local businesses using the platform to communicate with customers.

Additionally, with integration to Facebook and Instagram, social media users can easily send inquiries to companies via WhatsApp, enabling marketers to build lists of high-potential prospects. WhatsApp Business  as top online marketers also believed to be able to improve these 3 things.

  • Promote new products and promotions
  • Make personalized recommendations to customers based on the products they see
  • Send notifications (Order confirmation, delivery updates) to customers after they place an order
  • WhatsApp is not just an instant messaging service; when used effectively, it can be a customer acquisition and enhancement tool.

There are explanations about the best top online marketers. Hope this can be your references.


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