Targeted Online Marketing Strategies For Your Business

Targeted Online Marketing Strategies For Your Business

There are so many targeted online marketing strategies today. From free to paid. All have advantages and disadvantages of each. Here are selected 4 strategies and methods that we think are the most popular today. Here are both locally and globally.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most popular social media in the world, including in Indonesia. The number of Facebook users in Indonesia very tremendous. It is an opportunity for those of you who want to advertise their business on Facebook (Facebook Ads).

The advantage of advertising on Facebook as targeted online marketing, you can convert purchases from people who were previously not interested in a product / service. But immediately decided to buy. The key is in the target audience (demography) and your ad copywriting.

The drawback, advertising on Facebook is not always successful. And to get the right form of advertising, sometimes you need to spend a large advertising budget first. For practitioners and experts on Facebook ads, of course, this is not a problem. Because the results obtained can cover and even exceed the advertising budget that has been issued.


Instagram is now officially a member of Facebook. So the way the ads work is also almost the same as Facebook. The difference is, ads on Instagram highlight the visual side / product images. Many think that the products advertised on Instagram are products that highlight visuals. Like culinary and fashion. This is targeted online marketing.


Maybe some of you have justify Twitter, because they think it’s less famous than Facebook and Instagram. Because at this time there are quite a lot of products and services advertised on twitter. From high-end brands to the SME level, there are still many who advertise on Twitter.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an online marketing technique that comes before the 3 methods above. If you want to use email marketing as a marketing method, you must first collect an email list, then send out educational emails on a regular basis. This is also good way targeted online marketing.

And when there is an engagement with email readers, then you can offer products / services. The question is, which online marketing strategy is right for your business? You can use all of them as long as you know who your target market is.

There are explanations about targeted online marketing. Hope this can be your references.


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