Platform Ideas of Real Estate Online Marketing

Platform Ideas Of Real Estate Online Marketing

Marketing properties can be done offline as well as online. Offline marketing is not far from advertising in print media. It is making physical marketing tools in the form of brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, billboards, banners and others. The point is to communicate our products to audiences with the media or directly. If you join in this business here we will discuss about ideas of real estate online marketing.

Ideas of Real Estate Online Marketing

In the case of marketing with online media, products are marketed through the internet. Either marketed by listing on property buying. Also selling portals or property marketplace sites, in addition to creating a special website. There is still an option to make a special website, namely by making it on a free or paid site.

Post on Facebook or other social media

Facebook is a free social media that allows us to post anything and anytime. As long as the posts comply with the Terms of Service (TOS) they have no problem advertising all day on Facebook, but in the form of status posts. Anyway, keep posting merchandise every day. Join any business WhatsApp groups or any group and post there. It a great ideas of real estate online marketing.

In addition to FB and WA, advertising using BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) also has a good impact, even the impact is even better because it can post statuses alternately every second and each change will appear continuously in the feeds of our BBM friends. If someone is interested, the friend will ask who has the status.

Even more extreme, send broadcast messages to all of our contacts every day. If someone doesn’t like it and feels annoyed with your broadcast message, at least they just delete your contact, other than that, we have nothing to lose.Don’t afraid to do many ideas of real estate online marketing.

Email Marketing

Similar to advertising on social media, advertising by email is offering our products directly via email. Of course you must have a destination email address first. How do we get emails from potential customers? The easiest way is to create a form in the guest book, where one of the information requested to potential customers is their email address.

Create Website

The next way of real estate online marketing is to create a website, then create a visitor form on the website so that they are willing to fill in their email address. So that visitors fill in their email addresses, don’t forget to give something free, such as an ebook, which may be useful for readers. It could also be a stimulus to be sent a newsletter periodically if they are willing to fill in their email address.

There are explanation platform ideas of real estate online marketing. This information can be your references.


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