Overview Online Direct Marketing That You Need To Know

Overview Online Direct Marketing That You Need To Know

Direct is communication with customers who are carefully targeted both to anticipate direct. It is also to build relationships with customers. Business need online direct marketing.

Online Direct Marketing Benefits

Online direct marketing have so many advantages both for sellers and buyers. Here are they:

Benefits for Buyers:

  • Comfortable
  • Easy and personal
  • Product access and selection (product access and selection)
  • Interactive and immediate

 Benefits for Sellers:

  • a powerful tool for building relationships with consumers
  • can be determined the reach to reach potential customers
  • Meeting flexibility

Database based (database marketing) is the process of building, maintaining and using customer databases and other databases (products, suppliers, intermediaries) with the aim of making contact and transactions with customers. Online direct marketing with data base will support your business.

Forms of Direct Marketing

  1. Face-to-face Marketing (face-to-face selling)
  2. Remote Marketing (Telemarketing)
  3. Marketing through Catalog
  4. Television marketing that delivers immediate response
  5. Marketing through kios (Kios Marketing)
  6. Marketing online.

Understanding Online Direct Marketing and Electronic Commerce

An interactive online computer system which is connects customers with sellers electronically called Online direct marketing i

 Types of online marketing channels:

 – Commercial online service

 – Meeting Internet

Advanced Online Marketing and Electronic Commerce

Online marketing can you do with so many various way. It is very easy to make You can get many advantages from this.  It will boost your business. Here are example

Online Services

Commercial services that offer online marketing information and services to customers who pay a monthly fee. This is one of online direct marketing that you can try.


The global web is a vast and rapidly growing computer network with no central management

Electronic Commerce (e-commerce)

E-commerce is a general term for the process of buying and selling supported by electronic means electronic market is a market Space (Marketspace) not a market place (marketplace), where sellers offer their products and services electronically , and shoppers search for information, identify what they want, and place an order with a credit card or other means of electronic payment. This is favorite online direct marketing.

There are explanations about e-commerce online direct marketing. Hope this article is useful.


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