Online Competitor Analysis By Stealing Customers’ Competitors

Online Competitor Analysis

Online Competitor Analysis is very necessary. Especially for those of you who do not have a broad brand name or are still new. In the world of online business, you must have competitors. Maybe it your products that are similar, have similar functions or have more competitive prices. Why analysis is something that must be understood?

Maybe for those of you who have a strong brand power, it won’t be a problem, because it is certain that if your product automatically has a lot of interest among customers, let’s call it an example of the Google brand, and has several products including Google Pixel smartphones, Youtube, GPS and so on.

 without the need for a broad market, the Google brand can still introduce its products from one testimony to another. Then what about brands that are still weak or ordinary? Of course, it is necessary to recognize market competition first. This is the importance of online competitor analysis.

All the products that you market in the online business, indeed not all of the products will win 100%, but even though it is not 100% as an online marketer, of course there is a way to increase sales up to above 70%.

How To Do¬† Online Competition Analysis By Stealing Competitors’ Customers

The online competitor analysis provide below is not that we infiltrate one company and then steal its sales database. Instead, we compete fairly, using SEO methods and several supporting applications. Here are some of them:

Observe the Market and Get to Know the Competitors

In dealing with competitors, at least you have to look at the competitors first so you can strategize the same or more strategies so you can win them. In the world of online business, competitors who often compete on the Google Search Engine, and website owners are competing to be able to place their position on the first page of Google.

To observe these competitors for online competitor analysis. You should first identify is your site strong enough to compete with those that will be rivaled?” if not, look for competitors with low keywords. This will be better and faster to get potential buyers, rather than having to compete for months to compete with big competitors and not necessarily succeed.

There are some tips how to do online competitor analysis. Hope this can be your references.


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