Definition of Online Marketing Expert That You Need To Know

Definition Of Online Marketing Expert That You Need To Know

Online marketing has become a mandatory activity that needs to be done by all business people. And in order to get maximum results regarding the application of digital marketing. They do not hesitate to use several digital marketing service providers. Here are explanation definitions of online marketing expert.

Of course, it is not without reason that they chose a digital agency. They must do that because not all business actors are able to implement the most appropriate marketing strategy. It is for the development of their products and brands.

What is the Role of Digital Marketing According to the Experts?

The proliferation of digital agency services in many country and several other big cities has answered. That the development of the digital business world is quite fast. But there are still many business actors who need someone, an institution, or a company. Who is able to meet their needs regarding the use of digital marketing. The question is, what the role of online marketing expert is.

Coviello, Milley and Marcolin

In 2001, they said that the role of digital marketing is useful for connecting the two parties in marketing. Both potential consumers and companies. If they have succeeded in establishing communication, of course, buying and selling products will be easy to do.

Heidrick and Struggles

In 2009, Heidrick and Struggles stated, digital marketing is the development of online marketing through the web. Also game devices and mobile phones. The goal is to offer new access to promotional and advertising methods. That have a big impact on attracting the attention of others, in this case potential customers. So now you know what online marketing expert is.

Even so, Heidrick and Struggles lament the fact that most advertisers will spend their marketing budget on advertising through traditional media, such as print and television, or other traditional advertising media, and forget how effective digital marketing is. Using conventional and old-fashioned promotion methods makes brand relationships with potential customers less interactive


The next opinion regarding the role of dig online marketing expert vital marketing in business came from an expert named Urban around 2004. Urban expressed his opinion about digital marketing which is an effort to use the internet and technology to improve and expand the functions of traditional marketing before, which was deemed less effective at attracting potential consumers.

This opinion clearly states that traditional marketing methods are less than optimal if applied in an all-digital era like now. In addition, the term digital marketing is closely related to interactive marketing, one to one marketing, and e-marketing, all of which have utilized the role of technology more fully.

There is explanation about online marketing expert. Hope this can be your references.


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