Cost Of Online Advertising

Cost Of Online Advertising

Of each type of online advertising there are advantages and disadvantages of each. Previously we have discussed the meaning of online advertising and the types of online advertising. This time we will discuss about the cost of online advertising, advantages and disadvantages of online advertising. Check out the following explanation.

Benefits and Cost of Online Advertising

Understanding online advertising or commonly referred to as online advertising is information or messages that are conveyed to the general public with the aim of introducing, inviting, and persuading the wider public to participate in certain invitations that are installed and can be involved on the internet network. Online advertising uses electronic media to market its advertisements.

Online advertising is an online marketing effort by displaying a sub web in search engine search results in a paid way. Online advertising marketing is usually described as the activity of placing advertisements to offer products or Java through cyberspace with the aim of gaining profits from sales. The following are the cost of online advertising, advantages and disadvantages of online advertising, among others:

Benefits of Online Advertising

The following are the advantages of online advertising, among others:

  • Cheap

When compared with advertising on television, radio or newspaper companies, online advertising is much cheaper and affordable.

  • Free

Besides being cheap, online advertising can also be free. For example, using social networks Facebook and Twitter or other social media.

  • Wide Access

Broad reach or access is also given and can be accessed throughout the world.

  • More specific targets

It can be targeted at the market, for example for the lower middle class, middle class, or upper middle class. Can also target for men or women. In addition, it can be age, interests and others.

Disadvantages of Online Advertising

The following are the disadvantages of online advertising among others, and the cost of online advertising:

  • Beginner’s Assumption Is Still Wrong

The assumption that beginners are still wrong means that if you place an online ad, the results will be immediate. That’s wrong, online advertising as a medium of promotion or introduction. Many factors determine to make an advertisement as a sale.

  • Free Ads

Beginner advertisers are often more interested in small-scale businesses by taking advantage of free advertising to the exclusion of developing large-scale target markets.

  • Not Used To It

There are problems that arise because they are not used to using the internet. Limited knowledge about online advertising, thus increasing the cost of hiring online advertising services

  • Lack of Understanding

Lack of understanding of online promotion media such as content marketing, blog marketing, classified ads, social media marketing, or search engine optimization

There are explanation about cost of online advertising. Hope this information is useful for you.


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